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Naledi Copenhagen signature NB11 ostrich clutch, our most popular clutch, is handmade in South Africa. South Africa produces the very best ostrich leather in the world, and, importantly, ostrich is 100% farmed. The entire bird is consumed, including meat, leather, feathers, eggs and fat. Ostrich farming creates thousands of sustainable jobs in poor rural areas of South Africa. This is why 100% of Naledi Copenhagen ostrich collection is made exclusively in South Africa. So next time you see these these beauties, know that there is more to them then meets the eye….

NB11 Ostrich clutch, Flame Red

NB11 Naledi Copenhagen Ostrich clutch, Violet

Naledi Copenhagen NB11 Ostrich clutch, Black
Vintage snake chain

Naledi Copenhagen NB11 Brushed ostrich clutch, Charcoal