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@Happel in Odense, dressing up for the night. We love.

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Jeans jbrand, fur louisxander, shoes 31philiplim and clutch from naledi copenhagen

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Silk t-shirt no21, leather pants otzon, shoes 31philiplim, clutch naledi copenhagen, jewellery christine hvelplund


The best thing about Easter is the chocolate. The Danes are truly spoiled with so many fantastic chocolatiers, but there is always room to try something new. So I have been indulging myself in searching the web for a true find, an utterly delicious chocolate, beautifully designed, and preferably  completely unknown to anyone (in Denmark, that is). A few hours into the process, I somehow ended up on an American site, where I stumbled upon this – a gorgeous, cleverly packaged set of 12 chocolate flavours, each with its own personality with names like “Hero” or “Seducer” or “Rebel”.  OMG!!  I absolutely had to have it, I made a list of everyone I was going to send it to as a gift, and I was perfectly prepared to wait as long as it takes for this miracle of taste and design to arrive to my doorstep from the opposite end of the Universe.  Imagine my surprise, when the “opposite” end turned out to be …  Copenhagen.  Yep this is 100% Danish – designed and made right here. And surprises do not stop at this. You might think that someone like Summerbird or Peter Beier is behind this. But nope. This was created by an advertising company called Brandhouse, and a design studio called Bessermachen, both Copenhagen-based.  If these guys can do this with a simple box of chocolates, I can just imagine how good they must be at the actual advertising.  I might in fact try to find out… But in the meantime, this gorgeous product lands straight on my Best Ever List.

Happy Easter, enjoy it and remember, to quote a famous movie character:  Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get…


Photos credits:  Bessemachen Design Studio

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