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Skærmbillede 2015-12-16 08.54.11Written by Natalka Hansen

For someone working with sustainability in fashion for the last 7 years, this article truly stroke a sore spot. It is in Danish, but the jist of it is that according to a new study, the majority of Danes are not willing to pay a cent more for sustainable products. Similar studies with similar results have been conducted in other countries. How can that possibly be that the subject of sustainability is so hyped, yet clearly the majority is not willing to put their money where their mouth is?

In light of recent COP21 conference in Paris, we talk so much about actions that countries must take and resources that are needed in order to reverse the implications of climate change on our planet. These actions and resources are not just something abstract and limited by the walls of a conference hall in Paris. This concerns every one of us on a personal level, and our everyday buying habits.

As consumers we ultimately decide, what companies will manufacture and how they will do it. Every purchase we make, no matter how small, is a powerful vote for who does it right, and who does it wrong. But it is delusional to demand sustainable products without willing to pay the extra costs. It only encourages companies to find creative ways to label their products as “sustainable” with the least possible investment, that often has less to do with sustainability and more with marketing speak.

Let’s not fool ourselves. Yes, today sustainability comes with a higher pricetag, but tomorrow it will save us a whole Planet. Choose wisely.

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