This is a blog about Naledi Copenhagen

Naledi is a Danish niche luxury brand, that brings you exclusive bags and accessories, made in crème de la crème materials. From clutches in genuine ostrich to scarves in pure cashmere, Naledi Copenhagen pieces are investments in everyday luxury, that will be treasured by every woman, who wants to infuse her style with a sense of true exclusivity.

Naledi Copenhagen design philosophy is a unique fusion between french chic and scandinavian minimalism, resulting in sleek and sophisticated styles, that are understated yet feminine and chic. Naledi follows no trends, instead we create outstanding pieces, that remain relevant and desired season after season. They become a part of your unique style, something that reflects your character and lifestyle, your own way of doing things, encouraging you to dare to truly be yourself, the very best you can.

For further information please contact us on or call +45 3194 6727.

What to expect

Lots of information and photos of Naledi bags and accessories, news about upcoming collections, our inspiration, design, and the fascinating people and things that influence our lives.


Natalka Hansen

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