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How nice opening a beautiful new issue of the Danish Eurowoman on a Saturday morning with a nice cup of coffee, to find my favourite new bag inside :-) I’ve written about our new ostrich and leather bag – NB18 – here and here on this blog. The more I use it, the more I love it. On the last photo you see it with a hidden chain which works great for me as a day to night clutch and a stylish home for my iPad, whenever I manage to get hold of it before my kids do :-) 

Have a great weekend!


Naledi Copenhagen Eurowoman Nb18


Naledi COpenhagen Eurowoman NB18


The Danish Eurowoman featured our NB22 tote in their current issue. This style indeed is designed as a perfect carry-all, suitable for all occasions, stylish and practical, with luxurious details outside as well as inside. Thank you Eurowoman :)

Naledi Copenhagen in Eurowoman March 2013

Naledi Copenhagen in Eurowoman March 2013

Naledi NB22 textured leather tote

Naledi Copenhagen NB22 textured leather tote