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Are you a fashion retailer? Naledi Copenhagen has just joined, the first b2b virtual showroom for fashion retailers to connect and view products of hundreds select international brands 365 days a year. It has been designed to fulfill the growing demand from buyers to source products in a way that is convenient to them, throughout the year, saving you time and money, and giving you more control. No waiting for the tradeshows, no travel expenses, no stress, no hasted decisions. eliminates these pressures, and in addition it is beautifully presented, easy to use and absolutely free for retailers – all you need is to sign up by clicking on the below link, or going directly to and sign up there. So if you missed us during Copenhagen Fashion Week, here is an easy way to both view our current collection as well as catch up on what’s new. For the rest, it is a convenient way to refresh your memory, while perhaps discovering a new and exciting way to source products for your store. We love to shop online – so why not source online? Here is a sneak peak… Happy browsing!

See Naledi Copenhagen products 365 days a year
Naledi Copenhagen is pleased to be showing our products – the free virtual showroom for fashion retailers to find out products 365 days a year.