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The new issue of Vogue Australia came out yesterday, and even though being here in Denmark we are far, far away from Australia, this issue will definitely be ordered home. In the new issue, HRH Crown Princess Mary talks about her passion for sustainability in fashion, gender equality,  her namesake foundation, and being a role model. A glimpse of a photoshoot by the maestro Mario Testino himself also promises to be nothing short of spectacular, and to top things off, Vogue has compiled a stunning online Style Report featuring their all-time favourite Crown Princesses looks. How thrilled were we to see a few of our clutches featured there!

Crown Princess Mary with Naledi Copenhagen ostrich clutch featured in Vogue Australia July 2016 issue

Crown Princess Mary with Naledi Copenhagen ostrich clutch featured in Vogue Australia July 2016 issue

Crown Princess Mary with Naledi Copenhagen ostrich clutch featured in Vogue Australia July 2016 issue

Crown Princess Mary with Naledi Copenhagen ostrich clutch featured in Vogue Australia July 2016 issue

Images by Vogue Australia

Naledi Copenhagen is excited to announce a new collaboration project in our Sustainability Collab Series. We have teamed up with a Colombian-based fair trade company Susu Accessories to produce a unique collection of hand-knitted bags, called Susu for Naledi Copenhagen.

The word “susu” comes from the ancient Wayuunaiki language, spoken by the people of Wayuu. The Wayuu (pronounced “Wah-You”) people are an indigenous Latin American group living in Colombia and Venezuela.  “Susu” refers to the finest handbag a Wayuu woman owns, one that accompanies her to the most important occasions. Literally, Susu can be translated as “one that travels with you”.

The Wayuu live in small settlements, and are organized in matrilineal clans. The Wayuu children carry their mother’s last name, making the Wayuu women not only the center of the family but cultural leaders as well.  One of the most significant aspects of culture that the Wayuu women practice is the art of weaving Wayuu bags.

This weaving technique is unique and very labour-intensive. Bags are handknitted with a small crochet needle and one thin thread at a time, which allows the patterns to have striking definition. According to the legend, a spider named Walekerü taught the Wayúu women how to knit.

Each Wayuu mother teaches her daughter how to weave and crochet, keeping the tradition as alive and vibrant as ever.  To the Wayuu, weaving is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, and creativity.   Each design incorporated into every Susu for Naledi Copenhagen bag is unique to the weaver, telling her story through the bag’s colours, patterns and shapes.   Wayuu women work full days while weaving their bags and can take up to a full month to complete one single bag.  Today, Wayuu bags has become a means of financial support for the Wayuu people, which enables them to preserve their way of life.

Wayuu weavers have produced a special collection for Naledi Copenhagen. Each bag features unique one-off colours and patterns. No two bags in the collection are the same, which makes each bag truly unique. Each bag is eye-catching, spacious, robust and  light, which makes them a perfect companion for all your for summer holidays. View availability here.

Susu for Naledi Copenhagen handknitted fairtrade Wayuu bags

Examples of Susu for Naledi Copenhagen bags, each one different


Susu for Naledi Copenhagen  (2)

Heritage expressed in knitted bags


Susu for Naledi Copenhagen  (3)

Stories to share, full of colourful emotions and deep wisdom


Susu for Naledi Copenhagen  (4)

The colourful threads are mixed by the knitters


Susu for Naledi Copenhagen  (5)

Looking into the future


Susu for Naledi Copenhagen  (6)

According to the legend, Wayuu women explored their thoughts through the teaching of a magical spider


Susu for Naledi Copenhagen  (7)

The knitting expresses who we are, where we come from


Susu for Naledi Copenhagen  (8)

Wayuu bags are part of an ancient tradition, their wisdom is invaluable


Susu for Naledi Copenhagen  (9)

The stories are interlaced like the fingers of the knitter and the thread


Susu for Naledi Copenhagen  (10)

Wayuu history flourishes through the knitters creations


Susu for Naledi Copenhagen  (11)

Dreams and aspirations come from the Wayuu heart


Susu for Naledi Copenhagen  (12)

Wayuu women transfer their wisdom from generation to generation through the art of knitting patterns and their invaluable ancestral techniques


Susu for Naledi Copenhagen  (13)

Her hands, full of magic, full of emotional stories that she wants to tell


Susu for Naledi Copenhagen  (14)

Susu for Naledi Copenhagen bags are unique and full of dreams and magic


Susu for Naledi Copenhagen  (1)

Expert knitting preserving the original single-thread technique

Images credit Imago Visual and Susu Accessories

The largest fashion buying expo in Scandinavia, CIFF or Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, is kicking off in less than a week. We will be there with both Naledi Copenhagen and Gallery by Naledi collections, presenting our ostrich bags, leather bags and scarves. Remember to register latest by February 2nd, 24:00 to gain free access to the expo. You will find us in the Style Setters Bungalows section, stand C4-106. See you at CIFF next week!

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Skærmbillede 2015-12-16 08.54.11Written by Natalka Hansen

For someone working with sustainability in fashion for the last 7 years, this article truly stroke a sore spot. It is in Danish, but the jist of it is that according to a new study, the majority of Danes are not willing to pay a cent more for sustainable products. Similar studies with similar results have been conducted in other countries. How can that possibly be that the subject of sustainability is so hyped, yet clearly the majority is not willing to put their money where their mouth is?

In light of recent COP21 conference in Paris, we talk so much about actions that countries must take and resources that are needed in order to reverse the implications of climate change on our planet. These actions and resources are not just something abstract and limited by the walls of a conference hall in Paris. This concerns every one of us on a personal level, and our everyday buying habits.

As consumers we ultimately decide, what companies will manufacture and how they will do it. Every purchase we make, no matter how small, is a powerful vote for who does it right, and who does it wrong. But it is delusional to demand sustainable products without willing to pay the extra costs. It only encourages companies to find creative ways to label their products as “sustainable” with the least possible investment, that often has less to do with sustainability and more with marketing speak.

Let’s not fool ourselves. Yes, today sustainability comes with a higher pricetag, but tomorrow it will save us a whole Planet. Choose wisely.

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We are in love the sleek Diana, or Diana 2.0 as we dubbed it in the office :) This is the relaunch version of the original Diana, the very first ostrich clutch that launched Naledi Copenhagen back in 2010. Since then, this simple yet chic clutch adorned the hands of many stylish women around the globe. The new relaunched model has a long flap, sharp corners, and is beautifully finished with leather lining and credit card pockets inside. The look is simple and clean, designed to add class and sophistication to any outfit. Like its popular predecessor, this ostrich clutch is handcrafted and comes in a range of beautiful colours, from neutrals to brights. The first 6 colours – Wine, Latte, Chilly Red, Blue Jean, Hydrangea Blue and Burgundy – have already arrived and will be launched very soon at one of Copenhagen’s iconic shopping destinations, Bindesbøl.
We are very proud of the fact, that our bags are handcrafted in sustainable, 100% farmed South African ostrich. We are committed to promoting ostrich as a better, sustainable alternative to other “exotic” leathers, many of which come from either wild or endangered species. Thank you all who has supported us on this journey ❤ We hope that the new model will get lots of love and find its way to some of your Christmas wishlists!
Find the new Diana in Bindesbøl in Copenhagen or pre-order yours online at  #naledicopenhagen #sustainablefashion #diana #ostrich #clutch #bindesbøl #copenhagen

from Instagram:
So, who is ready for Friday night? We just got this amazing box clutch, custommade for a special golden girl :) The frame is in the new red gold finish, handmade in solid brass. The inlays are made in matching metallic finish ostrich. Guaranteed to turn heads! Fancy one of yourself? Send us a mail at bespoke @ and we will be happy to custommake one for you.
Need inspiration? Go to our online store to find your dream ostrich clutch.

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We love the beautiful photography and the sophisticated sense of style by Igrien from the Dutch / international fashion blog The Avantguardian. Check out her recent post about a trip to LA, called LA Confidential (also one of our all time favourite movies) with some amazing photos of her Naledi Copenhagen yellow ostrich box clutch. We love the bright yellow pop of colour on a classy monochrome outfit.

the avantguardian naledi copenhagen ostrich box clutch yellow 1 the avantguardian naledi copenhagen ostrich box clutch yellow 3 the avantguardian naledi copenhagen ostrich box clutch yellow 2


Naledi Copenhagen Iris Yellow ostrich box clutch oxydated chain


The box clutches are made with either satinated gold hardware, like Igrien’s piece, or with satinated gun metal, as on the photo above. The frames are handcrafted in solid brass in Spain, while the beautiful chains are sourced from Italy. The inlays are made in 100% sustainable South African ostrich leather. Lots of beautiful colours are available, including the possibility to custom-order yours with different colours on front and back. Explore our ostrich clutches her.

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